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Port Douglas Gluten Free – Market Goodness

Published On July 22, 2014 | By Elise | GF in FNQ

      My love affair with the Port Douglas Market is a long-standing one, that’s for sure! I have been going to the market for as long as I can remember – my very first visit was in 1990 (is that right Mum and Dad?)! I love the market just as much now that we live in FNQ as I did when we travelled here as tourists from Melbourne. Not only is the Port Douglas Market wonderful for gluten-free goodies, it also offers fresh produce, assorted local food products, jewellery, hand-made arts and crafts, clothing, natural therapies and quirky things like hair-braiding and henna tattoos, for a bit of holiday or Queensland fun.

      OK, let’s get started! I have been bursting with excitement to share with you a number of different market stalls that offer, yes, you read that correctly… GLUTEN-FREE goodies! May we start off our collection of GF in FNQ posts with a bang, with our Port Douglas gluten free market special (*please note the below wonderful stalls and businesses are mentioned in no particular order and this post is by no means exhaustive with regards to gluten-free at the market, please feel free to discover other options available!).


The North Queensland Chocolate Company


      The team behind The North Queensland Chocolate Company were the first people I approached at the market regarding gluten-free goodies. I introduced myself and my gluten-free blog and asked if they would mind if I photographed some of their gluten-free products as part of this feature post. They were so incredibly warm and welcoming and offered me (and my stomach!) the encouragement I needed to proceed with approaching other stalls with gluten-free products around the market. Thank you guys! I have also dealt with The North Queensland Chocolate Company outside of the market and they are simply lovely, happy people.

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      Two gluten-free products available at this stall that I feel are worth elaborating on are The North Queensland Chocolate Company’s original chocolate selection and the “yummy bar” range available for purchase. The North Queensland Chocolate Company’s chocolate is, wait for it… Gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% Australian made! Pretty amazing, huh! Check out their story behind their chocolate via the link above, it is worth a read. Get your hands on some of their choccie when you next visit the market!

Port Douglas Gluten Free (3) - Port Douglas Market (3)

      Also on offer at their stall are “yummy bars” – all natural, Australian made sustainable energy bars. All bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and contain no added sugar! Some are also nut-free. Flavours in the yummy bars range include “Chocky Fudge”, “Real Cacao and Almond”, “Coconut-Vanilla-Creme”, “Mocha-damia” and “Apricot-Almond-Coconut”. I have tried several flavours and they are a wonderful alternative to more commonly available energy bars (which are often full of things many of us can’t pronounce or comprehend). Keep up the great work guys! For more information, check out: theyummybars.com.


Vanilla Australia


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      I was fortunate enough to meet Russell and Mary Spanton last weekend for the first time, the proud owners of Vanilla Australia, Australia’s first vanilla growers. Wow, these guys are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about all things vanilla! I approached them to ask about their vanilla ice-cream and whether it is gluten-free – boy, am I glad I did! It was wonderful to discuss with them what makes their products stand out. I learnt about their organic vanilla beans and vanilla essence and was most fascinated to learn how their real vanilla ice-cream (made from traditional ingredients, including a creme anglaise base) compares to many other ice-creams available on the market (often made from many ‘not-so-real’ ingredients).

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      Hubby and I went halves in a little of tub of Vanilla Australia’s Homemade Vanilla Ice-Cream. I said to him over and over that it tasted like what you would get in a top-notch restaurant! It made me realise how good it is to eat food products made from real ingredients as opposed to foods full of colours, preservatives and weird numbers. Thanks for your time guys, it was fabulous to eat such a real product and absorb some of your passion for what you do. I’m inspired!

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Fruit Pooh

      Fruit Pooh is two words: simple and amazing. Oh, and incredibly natural. It is literally 100% fruit and therefore gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan! My husband and I were just discussing – how do you describe Fruit Pooh? It is like minced, cold fruit with the texture of soft ice-cream (minus lots of naughty things!). Check out my photo to see what Fruit Pooh looks like. The ladies at the Fruit Pooh stand at the Port Douglas Market are lots of fun (and very busy!). You select the flavour(s) you would like (we love banana, mango and coconut), give your name, pay your money and wait while your fruit creation is made. The Fruit Pooh stand does not allow photos, hence why our pictures are limited to the final product we consumed while wandering the market. Fruit Pooh is a whole lot of fresh tasty goodness without nearly as much guilt! It gives ice-cream a run for its money!

Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (8)

      Hee hee, this photo gives me the giggles – this week, one person spelt my name ‘Alise’ and another person ‘Aleece’; can’t blame them really, there are so many alternatives!

Lesley Shorten’s homemade goodies

Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (10)

      Several years ago now, we bought our first jar of Lesley’s gluten-free Tomato Relish. Yum! Then, I got addicted to her old school Gluten-Free Raspberry Coconut Slice. Just like my grandma makes! Mmm! It was nice to give something back to Lesley this time around and ask if I could feature her in this post! She said yes, so long as she wasn’t in the photos (which is the case with just about everyone!).

Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (9)

      Lesley sells an awesome selection of chutneys, relishes, sauces, jams, pickled vegetables and baked goodies, many of which are gluten-free, and some of which are gluten-free and lactose-free. Ask Lesley for clarification as to any ingredients.


Choco Narnars

Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (11)

      I first discovered Choco Narnars at the market in late March this year, when we arrived in FNQ in our car. If I get to the market and they are sold out – it makes me a very sad panda! I just LOVE them! However, this situation also makes me really happy knowing that the lovely owners are doing a roaring trade! And how cute is their stand?!

 Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (12)

      So, what are Choco Narnars? Frozen chocolatey banana goodness, that’s what! Or more formally, “frozen chocolate dipped bananas”. They are cheap, amazing and surprisingly filling. Biggest bonus? They are gluten-free, dairy-free and “100% vegan”, too. Awesome! See you at the market guys! Yum!!

Port Douglas Gluten Free (3) - Port Douglas Market (19)


Tropical Delights

      Tropical Delights are home to three key products at the Port Douglas Market: juices, ice-blocks and ice-cream. There are SO many yummy food stalls at the market and this one I am yet to try (truthfully, I was too full by the time I got to their stall the day I shot these pictures)! When I approached the team at Tropical Delights and enquired as to whether they had any gluten-free products, they said yes, their ice-cream (they were very busy at the time!).

Port Douglas Gluten Free (3) - Port Douglas Market (13)

       There were so many people lined up to snap up some sweet treats that initially I couldn’t see the below sign advertising gluten-free! If you get the chance to get to the Port Douglas Market, and visit the Tropical Delights stall, I think it might be worth your while enquiring exactly as to which of their ice-creams and other products are gluten-free and please, let me know what you think!

Port Douglas Gluten Free (3) - Port Douglas Market (14)


The Hungry Hummingbird


Port Douglas Gluten Free (3) - Port Douglas Market (15)

  I have been lucky enough to try a number of homemade, vintage-style gluten-free treats from The Hungry Hummingbird, made with love by the gorgeous mother-daughter team behind the business, Marina and Anthea (they also make many other gluten-containing cakes and slices). The Hungry Hummingbird offer the following gluten-free products: Flourless Chocolate Cake, Flourless Orange Cake, gluten-free Carrot Cake, Coconut Ice, Triple Layer Jelly and their ever-popular Macarons (please note: their gluten-free Carrot Cake is currently available as a whole cake only). Their other cake flavours are also available to purchase as a whole cake, if you wish.

 Port Douglas Gluten Free - Port Douglas Market (18)

       Their gluten-free Carrot Cake is absolutely to-die-for. I just love it! Just last week I was also lucky enough to try their Flourless Chocolate Cake (featured as a whole above, and my yummy slice below!). I have tried A LOT of different Flourless Chocolate Cakes over the years and The Hungry Hummingbird’s is moist, flavoursome and just plain yummy. You may also wish to note that their cakes are also available at Origin Espresso on Grant St and at Moonshine Bay on Macrossan St, if you can’t make it to the market. Don’t be afraid to check which flavours are gluten-free so you get the opportunity to taste their yummy cakes and treats!

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      So, there you have it! Now you are familiar with some of the wonderful Port Douglas Market stallholders that offer tasty gluten-free items. Port Douglas gluten free treats are abundant, both at the market and throughout the town. So, what are you waiting for? Get up here and visit the amazing Port Douglas Market for Port Douglas gluten free goodies and a whole lot more!!

When: Every Sunday throughout the year, from approximately 8am through to 1:30pm (sometimes remains open beyond 1:30pm in peak periods)

Where: Anzac Park, Port Douglas (entrance is opposite the Courthouse Hotel at the Wharf St end of Macrossan St)

Cost: free!

Parking: lots of free parking nearby (go early during peak periods to avoid the crowds)

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- Hello! I'm Elise, the creator of Gluten Is The Devil. I want to show the world that following a gluten-free diet does not mean missing out on beautiful, nutritious, flavoursome food. I'm here to share my gluten-free recipes and ramblings with the world. Happy gluten-free eating!

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  1. Annie says:

    How is it that I have never heard of 90% of these stalls!! I don’t think I have been to the markets in years though 😛 might have to go back next time I have a Sunday off – just for one of those choc bananas!! Yum!

    • Elise says:

      Too right! They are delicious! And this post is not even exhaustive as to all the gluten-free goodies at the market! Perhaps I will need to add a ‘Part Two’ for this post… Just so many options to choose from!!

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