Helga’s 5 Seeds Gluten Free Bread Review

Published On December 31, 2013 | By Elise | Product Reviews

      You often hear people say “there’s so much more available now on the market for those who need to eat gluten-free”… As far as bread goes, this could not ring more true. For me, this was particularly evident at The Gluten Free Expo, held in Melbourne in October, 2013. I could not believe the number of breads on offer at this event. I will be releasing a post on this event soon, so stay tuned!

       To Helga’s credit, I nearly ran into trouble last week. My husband made us cheese and tuna on toast for lunch one day and I sat down to what I thought was my plate (my husband eats non-GF bread)… I very nearly ate his slice as it looked so similar in size and texture to the new Helga’s 5 Seed Gluten Free bread! This is a compliment, as so often gluten-free bread is so small and appears overly moist. And the bonus is, this bread is also dairy-free!

      My personal favourite in the new Helga’s Gluten Free bread range is the Sunflower and Red Quinoa variety, which has a lovely, unique flavour, dissimilar to any other gluten-free bread I have tried (it’s not surprising I love it due to my love of quinoa!). At this point in time, it is my preferred gluten-free bread. However, I have decided to review the 5 Seeds product, as it is a more “traditional” variety of bread.


When selecting a gluten-free bread, I consider a number of things:

  • number of slices per pack
  • size of slices
  • flavour
  • texture
  • degree of moisture
  • energy content per serving (2 slices)
  • price point

Helga's 5 Seeds GF Bread - Packaging With 13 slices and 2 crusts of reasonable size per pack, this means I can get approximately 15 slices of toast or ~7 sandwiches from a pack (I am happy to use the crusts if they are of reasonable size!).  I think Helga’s 5 Seeds Gluten Free bread has a lovely traditional seeded bread flavour and the texture when straight from the pack is a little moist for my liking, but perfect when toasted.

With an energy content of ~858kj per 2 slices or serving, this is just right for me. I generally aim for around ~800kj per serving, as once I add topping or filling, I find this fills me up nicely. Some gluten-free breads on the market have much less or much more energy and I find I’m left either hungry or overly full.

      After looking around at a few major supermarkets, the price of Helga’s 5 Seeds Gluten Free bread seems to be quite standard regardless of location, at approximately $6.50 per loaf. As any one who follows a GF diet knows, bread is generally expensive! However, in my opinion, regarding decent gluten-free bread, this price is reasonably standard.



As far as widely available seeded GF breads go, I would definitely recommend this product as well as the Soy and Linseed, and Sunflower and Red Quinoa varieties.


What is your favourite GF bread? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!


About The Author

- Hello! I'm Elise, the creator of Gluten Is The Devil. I want to show the world that following a gluten-free diet does not mean missing out on beautiful, nutritious, flavoursome food. I'm here to share my gluten-free recipes and ramblings with the world. Happy gluten-free eating!

7 Responses to Helga’s 5 Seeds Gluten Free Bread Review

  1. David says:

    Hi Elise, this website looks great, good luck


  2. Cory says:

    While visiting Australia, reluctantly, I tried Helga’s bread. I was pleasantly surprised because I had given up the papery tasting and fall part US versions. I was wondering if I can get Helga’s here in the US?

    • Elise says:

      Hi Cory, Thanks a lot for your feedback. It is interesting how products of the same brand can differ between countries, we found a similar situation when we visited the U.S re: gluten-free chocolates! I’m not sure if Helga’s Australia export to the U.S. There is a ‘Contact Us’ section on their website – perhaps it’s worth contacting them to find out. All the best to you!

  3. Diane says:

    Over here from th e UK I have been introduced to Helgas gluten free bread. Delicious . I have searched the internet to see if I can buy it when we go home but with no luck so far.
    Gluten free bread in the Uk is like flat slightly sweet cotton wool
    Can you help? Are Helgas breads available anywhere in UK

  4. Rhonda Garrett says:

    This is the best gluten free bread ever and is the only bread i will purchase.
    I recently tried the New Wholemeal gluten free and it is very poor against the five seed.

  5. Esmeralda says:

    This is the best GF bread I’ve ever bought (plus I got it on sale for only $5 which in GF land is such a bargain). I can honestly say it was the first time I’ve eaten GF bread and been happy with both the taste and texture (I’ve only had it toasted so far, though).

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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