Gluten Free Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Published On January 9, 2014 | By Elise | Gluten Is The Devil Recipes

      This gluten free spaghetti bolognese recipe has it all – it is quick (perfect for the modern person/couple/family), simple, cheap, super tasty, healthy, and most importantly….. GLUTEN-FREE! If you’re lucky, there might also be leftovers for dinner the next day. (Note: If you are a traditionalist, I apologise in advance, my gluten free spaghetti bolognese recipe doesn’t have a mountain of ingredients nor does it simmer away on the stove for hours!)

      I must note something before I share the recipe – personally, I am still yet to find a gluten-free spaghetti on the market (in Australia) that:

  • doesn’t clump together when cooking,
  • is neither too hard nor too soft,
  • doesn’t break upon twirling around a fork, and
  • has a really nice, subtle flavour.

      We would LOVE to hear your thoughts via the comments below as to your favourite gluten-free spaghetti (particularly one available in Australia)!

      To sum it up, I personally prefer to use gluten-free spirals or penne, and my absolute favourite (and from what I can see, the cheapest on the market) is Buontempo’s Gluten and Wheat Free Rice Spirals. We will soon be posting a review on this product, so stay tuned!

Buontempo Gluten and Wheat Free Rice Spirals



by Gluten Is The Devil

<SERVES 6 as a meal>

20 minutes preparation/cooking time


  • Kettle (boiled)
  • Medium saucepan with lid
  • x2 Wooden spoons
  • Large saucepan with lid OR deep frypan with lid
  • Chopping board
  • Knife to slice mushrooms/tomatoes/(optional carrot)/(optional parsley)
  • Grater


  • 250g dry gluten-free spaghetti/pasta of your choice (we use Buontempo’s Gluten and Wheat Free Rice Spirals)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 500g lean beef mince
  • 500g jar of gluten-free pasta sauce (we use Raguletto’s Pasta Sauce with Basil – Red Wine base)
  • 150g mushrooms (~7 medium mushrooms)
  • 125g cherry tomatoes
  • 150g carrot (~1 large carrot; optional)
  • 60g parmesan or cheese of your choice (we use tasty cheese)
  • 1 loosely packed cup of parsley leaves (optional)


1. Pour water from a pre-boiled kettle into the medium saucepan with lid (enough to cover your chosen GF spaghetti/pasta – to be added later) and bring to the boil. Add a pinch of salt and a very small amount of oil to the boiling water (for taste and to separate the pasta adequately). Carefully add your pasta and cook according to the directions on the packet (*tip: stir your GF pasta every few minutes with a wooden spoon to prevent it from clumping together).

2. Add a small amount of oil to the large saucepan OR deep frypan and warm over medium to high heat. Add the mince, season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes or until lightly browned and cooked through (stirring with the remaining wooden spoon where necessary). While the mince is cooking, thinly slice the mushrooms, chop the cherry tomatoes in half and peel and chop the (optional) carrot into 1-2cm pieces.

3. Once the mince has cooked through, add the jar of GF pasta sauce, place the lid on the pan and increase the heat until bubbles just appear.

4. Reduce the heat, remove the lid of the mince mixture then add the mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and carrot. Stir to coat the vegetables in sauce, place the lid back on the pan and increase the heat until bubbles just appear. Place the lid ajar to the pan and leave to simmer on low to medium heat for ~5 minutes, or until the vegetables are mostly cooked through. Meanwhile, grate the cheese and roughly chop the (optional) parsley.

5. Drain/rinse your pasta and serve equal portions (where appropriate) into six dinner bowls. Top with mince mixture, add a little cheese and parsley and tuck into your bowl of healthy, hearty, gluten-free goodness!


Gluten Free Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe Portrait

Helpful notes:

  • I have found Buontempo’s Gluten and Wheat Free Rice Spirals is available in most Coles and Woolworths stores (similar with Raguletto’s range of sauces)
  • You may wish to substitute the beef mince for lamb mince or other preferred mince such as chicken or turkey
  • Feel free to add other complementary vegetables, especially if cooking for kids!


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- Hello! I'm Elise, the creator of Gluten Is The Devil. I want to show the world that following a gluten-free diet does not mean missing out on beautiful, nutritious, flavoursome food. I'm here to share my gluten-free recipes and ramblings with the world. Happy gluten-free eating!

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  1. James says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Elise. I’ve found your entire website really helpful and I can’t wait to see more recipes from you. We love spaghetti bolognese in our household so we’ll be sure to try this recipe soon!

  2. Sally lee says:

    I am coeliac and like to try all different kinds of recipes would like lots of help liked the link of the bolognese going to try this weekend

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