Gluten Free Marshmallows Skewers Recipe

Published On July 5, 2014 | By Elise | Dessert Recipes, Gluten Is The Devil Recipes

      It can be tricky to find gluten free marshmallows in Australia, but once I discovered Mr Mallow marshmallows in the Reject Shop (of all places!), I haven’t actively searched anywhere else for them! I just love their product. I have stumbled across other brands of gluten free marshmallows from time to time, including Eskal brand in the health food section of some major supermarkets. However, I am yet to try any other brand. Feel free to suggest a great gluten free marshmallows brand in our Comment section at the bottom of this post!

      I have done LOTS of cooking since gaining a full kitchen again and have a backlog of recipes for Gluten Is The Devil! The only problem with lots of cooking is that my sweet tooth is back…! Over the last week I have made deconstructed gluten-free lemon meringue pie, yummy gluten-free scones and tonight I was desperate for something involving chocolate but decided I had to restrain myself 🙂 ! Instead, I have decided to blog my gluten free marshmallows skewers recipe and dream of the delicious, easy recipe that it is.



by Gluten Is The Devil

<SERVES 4 as a light dessert or sweet treat>

30 minutes preparation time; a few hours to set


  • Colander
  • Clean, dry tea towel
  • Chopping board
  • Knife (to slice strawberries)
  • 12 medium size wooden skewers
  • Small bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • Scissors
  • Small freezer bag
  • Serving platter
  • Cling wrap


  • 250g gluten free marshmallows (we use Mr Mallow brand, which come in a 500g bag)
  • 250g OR 1 punnet of strawberries
  • 75g dark chocolate
  • crushed peanuts and shredded coconut (optional)


1. Wash the strawberries by running them under cold water in the colander and lay them on the clean, dry tea towel. Gently dry the strawberries using the tea towel.

2. Using the chopping board and knife, remove the tops of the strawberries and slice the strawberries in half (lengthways).

3. How to prepare your skewers: Thread one gluten-free marshmallow onto a medium wooden skewer, leaving an inch or two of space at the bottom (so they can be handled easily when eating them). Secondly, thread a strawberry half onto the skewer. Repeat the process (beginning with a marshmallow) until you have 1cm of the pointed end of the skewer showing. Alternate between white and pink marshmallows, if applicable. Place the finished skewers on the serving platter.

4. Break apart the dark chocolate over the small bowl. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and monitor and stir it carefully using the teaspoon. Be careful not to overheat the chocolate so it is safe for handling.

5. Snip a small hole in one of the sealed corners of the freezer bag, and open up the bag on the benchtop for easy pouring of the chocolate. Pour/spoon the melted dark chocolate into the bag, squeezing the chocolate down to the hole so you can see it is ready for piping.

6. Pipe zig-zag lines of the dark chocolate over the skewers. Sprinkle some skewers with crushed nuts and others with shredded coconut, if you wish. Cover the serving platter as gently as possible with cling wrap (so as to avoid messing up the chocolate). Place the skewers in the fridge until required (they may take up to a few hours to set). Enjoy!

Gluten Free Marshmallows Skewer Recipe

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