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GLUTEN IS THE DEVIL baked goods* are coming to markets and cafes across Melbourne from November 2016! Get your hands on our hand made baked sweets, including brownies, cookies and other products. Get ready Melbourne peeps! Keep an eye out for our re-launch and announcements regarding locations and availability, coming soon! Woo hoo!

(*According to the Australian Food Standards Code, goods marked as “gluten free” must not contain any detectable gluten. Despite taking significant care to reduce cross-contamination and producing our goods using only gluten free ingredients, as our range will be prepared in a registered domestic kitchen using some shared equipment, we wish to advise we are unable to officially declare our range as “gluten free”.)




Hello! Elise here, nice to meet you.

I am a twenty-something, married lady from Melbourne, Australia, with a love for all things gluten-free (GF). After packing up our house and quitting our corporate jobs in late 2013, my husband and I swapped the busy city for the relaxed seaside and drove all the way from Melbourne to Tropical Far North Queensland in March 2014. I am mad about food, fitness, health, sunshine, colour, creativity and having FUN!

In 2006, I was officially diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, and have followed a strict gluten-free diet ever since. My father and late grandfather have coeliac disease. You can read about my personal experience here.


I reeeeeeally love eating. Thankfully, I also love cooking – mostly with fresh and interesting ingredients but I also have a weakness for naughty food. I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule – 80% healthy, 20% cheeky (life is too short).

The truth is however, prior to my gluten-free diet, I hated cooking. Just ask my mother! Then, life changed significantly when I said goodbye to gluten. I am a sucker for delicious home-baked goods and began to spend a lot of time in the kitchen due to many of my favourite things being unavailable. Now, I get asked to bake – times have changed! My love for baking soon turned into a love for cooking in general.


I grew up in a household where fresh and varied produce was highly valued (by my mother), which was often counteracted by my grandmother’s delicious, naughty GF baking!  I am equally inspired by these two great women as I develop in the kitchen.

I love to master my own original recipes using yummy ingredients, create the things that are not readily available for purchase so as not to miss out, and to adapt meals that may not otherwise be gluten-free.

I am also driven to create delicious, nutritious gluten-free food that non-GF people cannot detect as gluten-free – the ultimate challenge!


I strongly believe that eating gluten-free by no means equals missing out. If I can’t find something, I make it. It’s that simple. I embrace being gluten-free, not get upset over it. My aim is to live the best gluten-free life possible.

I hope you can enjoy my tasty gluten-free recipes and benefit from the other resources available here at Gluten Is The Devil.

I’d love to hear from you via our “Contact Us” page.

Thanks for stopping by and happy gluten-free eating!




*This website is based on personal experience ONLY. If you are seeking nutritional or other medical advice, I suggest you consult a medical professional.